Mitty Nail Art Shattered Powder -Sunrise

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Each Shattered Powder set contains:

1x 2g tub of Mitty Shattered Powder

2x Soft easy to use applicators

1x Handy resealable black pouch, so you can store your powder in the draw and it doesn’t spills.

Bling, Bling, Bling. So sparkly you need sunglasses. Mitty shattered collection is so amazingly awesome we cannot control our excitement. We tested for 100’s of hours until we could produce the best available. You cannot buy this shininess anywhere else, only at Mitty. The particle size & quality is the best ever produced. The Micron count is just amazing. What does this mean? SPARKLES. And, Mitty shattered collection will capture the light and reflect back at hundreds of different angles, the colours just appear to dance on your nails.

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