Mitty Fabulously Flat Clean Up Nail Art Brush

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With really soft bristle tips, this Fabulously Flat brush is perfect for creating gradations. Easily blend where colours meet just by caressing the nail polish gently without the worry of ruining the gradation. A great brush suited for a French design, as well.


This Fabulously Flat brush also doubles as the best clean up brush ever. So many Instagram reviews, everyone loves this brush for clean up. Just head over to the reviews page to see just a few. Fabulously Flat is possibly rated the best clean up brush for your money ever.


This Fabulously Flat brush is perfectly shaped and balanced. The premium quality bristles ensure nail polish is distributed evenly and preciously with little effort. The brush just simply fits into the contours of your hand, you can feel the quality.


How to Use This Nail Art Brush:


This nail art brush can be used to design thick lines or one-stroke nail art designs, like a denim look.


Another key application for this brush is that it can be used as the perfect clean up brush, giving you that professional finished look.

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